How To Tell Casino Chip Is Real

How To Tell Casino Chip Is Real

GAN Limited, a leading supplier of full-service online gambling malaysia internet gaming software (“Company” or “GAN”), announces today that it has entered into a binding agreement with the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan which owns and operates Soaring Aagle Casino & Resort (“Soaring Agule”). GAN Limited has established a binding deal with its “Real Cost Gaming” and “GAN” providers. Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort is the biggest casino in Michigan, with a massive 210,000 square foot casino offering thousands of slot games and a full range of floor games in the Midwest.

In accordance with the terms, GAN will instal the tech framework of the company GameSTACKTM on the client’s on-property infrastructure. GAN will also be involved in the design and development, along with the native Apple iOS and Android applications, of the iGaming and sports betting front-end Web application. In order to optimally monetize the Soaring Eagle Patterns database and use the on-property loyalties software, GAN shall deploy the company’s proprietary iBridge framework.

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GAN’s fourth customer in Michigan is announced and it contributes to the company’s rising roster of loyal tribal customers. This also marks the ninth U.S. real money customer of GAN iGames and betting online sports in the U.S. Investors demand the rapid rollout of a validated corporate technology approach to launch and improve competitive products through iGaming as well as sport betting. This is the key consumer constituency for investors in US – large regional casino operators both Tribal and commercial.

GAN CEO, noted: Chief executive officer

Soaring Eagle for its confidence in and the ability to work with our B2B network. Expect the  highly optimised technology platform to power Soaring Eagle brands in Michigan, allowing them to effectively draw loyal sports betting and iGaming players. The industry in Michigan is beginning to greatly anticipate that its total operator revenues will exceed $1 billion in the first 12 months. Given the powerful name, large database and experience of the Soaring Eagle company, we expect them to grab their fair share this fall.

Soaring Eagle Chief Operating Officer, added:

The demonstrated potential and skills of GAN’s Michigan network to launch an innovative online casino and sportsbook, allowing us to communicate with our employers. GAN has a tested solution and has shown its potential to easily sell its platform in Michigan. We look forward to working together with the GAN team and sharing our future.” GAN Limited About

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GAN is a major provider of internet gaming technologies mostly for the US casino industry. GAN is the leading business-to-business company. Coolbet, a GAN division, is a leading online proprietary betting technology operator with market share in selected European and Latin American markets. GAN has created a proprietary software framework, for the Online gambling business that allows land-based casino operators to use it as a turn-key technology solution, including internet, internet gaming and simulated video gaming.

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